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Yours aye, Nick Messinger

The founding of the P & O Steam Navigation Company, incorporated by Royal Charter in 1840, traditionally dates from the awarding of the contract by the Admiralty for the carriage of mail between England and the Iberian Peninsula. Mail contracts guaranteed regular earnings and provided P&O with a steady income for decades. 

In 1842, the Company made its first voyage to India, followed by regular, scheduled voyages, that continued until 1970, when my last P&O ship, the SS Chusan, made the last scheduled call at Bombay - today's Mumbai.

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For many years P&O's home port on the London River

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The 'Heyday' Fleet ~ P&O-Orient Line

On 2nd May 1960, P&O and Orient Line were formally merged to form P&O-Orient Lines.

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Please Note: The word mark 'P&O' and the house flag are Trade Marks of the DP World Company


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ss Oronsay ~ children's bridge visit 1968 - me and the children's hostess - always a great favourite


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